Week 7: Death Valley Girls "Born Again and Again" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

Week 7: Death Valley Girls "Born Again and Again" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

Burger Records x Volcom present Cyber Singles Club: Death Valley Girls - Born Again and Again

The Death Valley Girls sound is self-described as dystopian punk, doom boogie and occult glam. It's a spacey and seductive blend of styles. Since they first got together in 2013, this band was born to rock 'n' roll and destined to do so with none other than Burger Records.

"Our first show was at their shop," says guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Bonnie Bloomgarden. "That's how we met them," adds guitarist Larry Schemel. "That was our dream. That was the biggest dream in the world was to play a show at Burger Records. After that it was the biggest dream to have a cassette on Burger," notes Bonnie. Drummer and vocalist Laura Kelsey adds, "Then our biggest dream was to play Boogaloo," which they did in 2016. "The Mummies played and our whole destiny aligned for the future," explains Bonnie, "Whenever you get to play a Burger thing, it's cool."

Sean from Burger explains their appeal: "Death Valley Girls have been cutting a wide swath through the poseurs and wannabes of the rock 'n' roll world for the past few years, all leading in to the release of their fiery debut album Glow In The Dark on Burger Records. They rule hard and their ruleage is at its most undeniable with this track from the Burger x Volcom Studio compilation, their first release since their debut album, continuing their most evil track record of head-banging glam punk blasts!"