Meet Hailey Langland - Volcom For Every Body Muse

Meet Hailey Langland - Volcom For Every Body Muse

We enlisted Hailey for our Volcom For Every Body women's campaign which embraces body positivity with all-inclusive women's sizing options.

Our favorite newcomer to the Volcom snowboarding team is Hailey Langland. At only 18 years old, this young athlete has already blown us away by winning Gold at the 2017 X Games in Aspen. When she isn’t hittin' the slopes, you might find her surfing, making funny videos on Instagram, or playing with her husky. Continue reading to learn more about Hailey, her passions, and her thoughts on denim.

What is your passion?
Hailey: I’m passionate about being kind to others because we only meet so many people in our lifetime and why wouldn’t you want to be kind to all of them?
What's your favorite feature?
Hailey: My favorite feature of myself would be my personality because it reflects both of my parents.

Vol Stone Jeans

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    Why do you wear jeans?
    Hailey: Denim fits into my lifestyle because I wear them everyday. Oh, and I wear my jeans to party.
    How do you feel in your favorite pair of jeans?
    Hailey: In my favorite pair of jeans I feel powerful.
    Why does denim matter?
    Hailey: Denim matters because it’s timeless. The DNA of denim should have flexibility. I love the way my Volcom jeans fit - they’re comfortable and I can move in them.