Artist Mike Parillo on visiting Hawaii and deciding to never come home

Artist Mike Parillo on visiting Hawaii and deciding to never come home

Finding salvation in surfing, Mike Parillo escaped to the North Shore of Hawaii and never came home.

Parillo's early passion for the mountains and snowboarding has led him around the world. A Volcom contributor since '91, dating back to the formative tribal years of the Stone, Parillo grew up in Los Angeles in the 80's at the apex of the exploding skate, surf, snowboard and youth culture movement.

These influences were profound and put him squarely on the path he walks today as one of a respected and leading artistic visionary in the action sports industry with over two decades of credible work to his name.

Mike Parillo painting the Volcom Pipe Pro mural on the porch of the Volcom Pipe House

An icon in the snowboarding universe and the artist behind the artwork for Volcom's 1994 snowboard film, The Garden, Parillo's early passion in the mountains recently turned to the beaches in Hawaii where he fell in love with surfing. Having traveled the globe following his passion for snowboarding and art, then finally settling in Los Angeles, he decided to leave everything behind for a new life in Hawaii.

Having made his home near the Volcom Pipe House on the North Shore, Parillo expresses that the rewards for chasing his passions far outweigh any of the downfalls or sacrifices he has made. Nowadays, he's is in his preferred state of mind, frequently visiting the house to hang out with the crew, surf out front and painting freely, having left behind stress of timelines and due dates on the mainland.

"I'm definitely happiest when I'm not depending on my art to sustain myself. I'm happiest when I'm creating just to create."

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