Morning Breath and Mike Giant art show at Volcom Garden: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Morning Breath and Mike Giant art show at Volcom Garden: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Volcom Garden
1209 E. 6th St., Austin, TX
Regular Hrs: Thu-Sat 2-9pm


Opening Reception:
Feb. 10 | 7-11pm
Show runs until March 3


(512) 391-1754

"Where Do We Go From Here" is an art exhibit featuring work by NYC-based design/fine-art duo Morning Breath and Boulder-based artist Mike Giant

By juxtaposing deconstructed type and odd imagery to create bold compositions, Morning Breath (Jason Noto and Doug Cunningham) steps back from the multi-layered aesthetic of previous work to present something familiar, but stripped away from unnecessary complexity. The duo also goes back to their mid '90’s roots at Think Skateboards by working with (for the first time!) fellow Think alumni Mike "Giant" Lasage.

Mike Giant will be exhibiting 13 new drawings alongside collaborative works with Morning Breath. In addition to this being the first time the two entities have generated work together, this show also marks Mike Giant's first major exhibition in Texas. A limited-edition screenprinted gig poster will be available at the show along with two limited-edition Volcom Garden Artist Series t-shirts (one designed by Morning Breath and one designed by Mike Giant). Only 100 prints made and only 50 of each t-shirt design will be available at The Garden.

If you didn't make the opening reception on February 10, the art will still be on display at The Garden through March 3, so stop by! For store hours and directions, vist the store page.

The Artists:

Morning Breath


Morning Breath is Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. In 1996, the two worked together as the in-house design department at Think Skateboards in San Francisco. There, they began a style of collaborating that would take them into the next decade.

In 2002, Cunningham and Noto formalized their partnership with the creation of Morning Breath, Inc., a boutique studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Since Then, their collaborations have grown beyond skateboard/snowboard graphics to include music packaging, apparel, advertising, poster design, and more. The two have also been part of many showings of their personal work.

Today, Doug and Jason split their creative energies and time between commercial and personal work. Over the last decade the two have been nominated for a grammy, showcased in numerous design books/publications, have been invited to speak on design, and in 2017, Dey Street books released "By the Skin of Our Teeth: The Art and Design of Morning Breath" which showcases 15 years of their work.

Morning Breath
Morning Breath

Morning Breath Volcom Garden Artist Series Tee

If you've ever peered into the cosmos, wondered what madness lies inside the minds of humankind, or if you simply have a skull inside of your face, this is the shirt for you. If this is not the shirt for you, I'm sorry you have such a floppy head.

Birth, upstate New York, 1971.  Drawing.  Cycling.  New Mexico, 1979.  Heavy Metal.  Skateboarding.  Punk rock.  Hip-hop.  First job: McDonald’s.  Scotland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USSR.  Honors graduate, 1989.  Thailand.  Architecture student at University of New Mexico.  Dishwashing jobs.  Raves.  Lorelei.  Stop eating meat.  First tattoo.  Think Skateboards, SF, 1993.  Dharma.  Angi.  London, 1998.  Adult bookstore employee.  Computer animation job.  Start tattooing.  First tattoo shop job:  East Side Inc, NYC, 1999.  Newskool Tattoo, San Jose.  The Skullz Press founded, 2000.  Everlasting Tattoo.  Track bikes.  Brooke and Leia.  Tattoo 13, Oakland, 2002.  Plum Village, France.  Stay Gold Tattoo founded, Albuquerque.  REBEL8 founded, 2003.  Manifestations book.  Australia.  Eternal book.  Megan.  El Salvador.  Amsterdam, 2008.  Skullz Press store, SF, 2009.  Los Angeles, 2013.  Boulder, 2014.  Lauren.  Motorcycling.  Right here.  Right now.

Mike Giant

Mike Giant Volcom Garden Artist Series Tee

Even if you don't have a lowrider, you can still wear this shirt with pride. Most people that wear stuff with eagles on them don't actually own eagles. And the ones that do are totally breaking the law because it's illegal to own an eagle. It's also against the law to lick a policeman's mustache, but everybody knows that.

*Available in two colorways
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