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Noa Deane "Picks 5" at Burger Records
Noa picks up 5 records from one of our favorite records stores!
Holiday Hits, A Volcom Team Playlist
Some of the team share their musical memories from holidays past.
Week 20: Channel "Wedding Song" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
No rookies to the action, members of CHANNEL have played with other groups such as Digits, Zoo Keepers, LA Ghost, The Abigails, and The Grow…
Week 19: The Oil Pans “Creepy Tales” | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Born from the toxic runoff of Disneyland, The Oil Pans bring their foggy, shadowy vibes to the Volcom studio for their first ever recordin…
Week 18: Fatal Jamz "Heavenly Choir" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
If you are picking up a dark romantic vibe on Fatal Jamz's new song "Heavenly Choir", the first new song since releasing Coverboy, you aren'…
Week 17: Part Time "Que Vida" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Oakland's Part Time's a unique take on a Arthur Lee's '60s classic that puts a silly punky new wave spin Love's original version.
Week 16: Robber "Monster in the Cabinet" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
RØBBER was formed in November of 2016 by three friends from Mission Viejo, CA. David Sheets plays the bass and sings back up, Max Kulmer pl…
Why Blister? Why Anything? - Noa Deane Gets "Deep"
When Noa Deane isn’t surfin’ he can usually be found with a guitar in his hands channeling his alt-rock heroes Mudhoney and Melvins.
Week 15: Easy Love "The Echo" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Already known for playing drums in Summer Twins with her sister, Justine Brown started writing and recording her own songs under the name Ea…
Week 14: Distractor "Six Foot Moon" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Distractor play fun and simple music, to distract from the harsh realities of life.
Week 13: Dabble "Free Time" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
Self-described Neu Dream Hip-Pop, Dabble have recently relocated to the burgeoning Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles and since caugh…
Week 12: Flying Hair "Tantrum" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club
What started with two friends jamming back in 2014 has since turned into full fledged band that's currently working on their second full len…