Volcom Presents #ThisFirst at the Garden w/ Night Beats, Fat Tony & Al Lover

Volcom Presents #ThisFirst at the Garden w/ Night Beats, Fat Tony & Al Lover

This past Saturday at the Volcom Garden in Austin, Texas we celebrated the culmination of the past six weeks of #ThisFirst, our initiative to reward people who are dedicated to turning their passion into their career. The event was a showcase of the work of #TheFirst winners and also featured a sneak peek of a forthcoming #ThisFirst documentary.

Thank you to all our winners, some of who traveled a great distance to be here and to Fat Tony,The Night Beats, Al Lover, Sound on Sound Fest, Deep Eddy Vodka, Austin Eastciders and everyone who came out to enjoy the night with us.

All photos by Levi Thompson unless otherwise noted.

Atsushi brought his Wadaiko drum. Photo by Immegart
Chama and Atsushi following an impromptu jam session
Fabian aka Chama played at short set
Canarus Leon
Canarus on his crew R.A.D.
Sara's fish hung from the ceiling
Angel brought the Horchata
Tim's photo from Baja and some of Joanna's charcoal pieces
You can see Joanna's large piece she's almost completed
Night Beats capped off the night. Photo by Reid
Fat Tony
Best Trick on the mini ramp
#ThisFirst and some of Volcom crew on hand for the night
Sara Becker and Tylah Kerr. Photo by Reid
Steffen Turmer and Angel Perez. Photo by Reid
Brandon Clements and Volcom Art Director, Patrick Carrie. Photo by Reid
Canarus Leon and Joanna Painter. Photo by Reid
Chen Yu Ching and Tim Briggs. Photo by Reid
Fabian Ruiz and Atsushi Miki. Photo by Reid
Robert Wall and Volcom's Hope Lane. Photo by Reid
Sara Becker and Fabian Ruiz. Photo by Reid

We couldn't resist the opportunity to break out the shredder again, so we brought it to the party so people could shred what they thought was holding them back from doing what they really want to do.

Thanks to Pixster for the photos.

More About #THisFirst

Throwing out the traditional job application, Volcom asked candidates one question, "What’s your ‘this’ and what would it mean for you to put #ThisFirst?’ The search received over 10,000 global entries - from roller derby to launching a food truck in Alaska, passions spanned a variety of topics including sustainable farm to table food sourcing, charity work, animal rescue, make-up artistry and even crochet. For more information about #ThisFirst, go to volcom.com/this.