Week 3: VAJJ "Honey Pie" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

Week 3: VAJJ "Honey Pie" | Volcom Cyber Singles Club

Burger Records x Volcom present Cyber Singles Club: VAJJ - Honey Pie

VAJJ creates music that hits every mark between teenage pop and gnarly punk. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you though, this OC-based girl gang holds it down with true grit and style. Each of the three members sing and have been known to swap instruments as duty calls. The origin story for this band was conceived in early in high school.

"I found out about Burger Records when I was a sophomore in high school," says bassist Alexia Del Alcazar. "I remember specifically this guy Brandon Ramone in English class was like, 'you should listen to this band The Garden.' I was like, whoa! What?! Here was this thing called Burger Records. There are cassettes. It was so weird to me. Then The Aquadolls was the second band."

"The Lovely Bad Things was the first for me," says bassist Jackie Proctor. "I was immediately like, OK, this is so fun!"

"We went to a lot of Burger shows," says Jackie. "We were like Burger girls,"adds Alexia.

"I look around and the whole crowd is just taking their shirts off."

Jackie recalls a particulary wild show: "I look around and the whole crowd is just taking their shirts off. Everybody's kissing everybody, the band was kissing each other, and girls just flinging their bras. There was toilet paper and confetti. It was literally insane and everybody just holding each other. I was like, this can’t be happening right now. Let's go to these shows all the time!"

So it would seem that early Burger Records bands have influenced a new group of acts including VAJJ. Guitarist Viva Henny adds, "I feel like a lot of bands got their start from Burger. We were just drawn to it because there were so many good bands."

Burger Records' Sean Bohrman says this about VAJJ: "Our favorite pack of teenage rock 'n' roll wild childs, VAJJ was brought to Burger after they recorded some sweet tunes with The Aquadolls. From there, we got them on some shows and that's when we fell for their goofy, lovable style and got them in the studio with Steve McDonald of Redd Kross to record their debut album, coming soon to Burger Records!"

VAJJ continues to write their way into Burger Records history with the release of "Honey Pie" for Volcom's Cyber Singles Club, which shows just how much influence the Burger crew has on today's youth. "They came from just a couple dudes and just started this whole company," says Viva, "they really started a scene."