Meet our ‘Volcom For Every Body’ Campaign Muses

Meet our ‘Volcom For Every Body’ Campaign Muses

Volcom For Every Body embraces body positivity and all-inclusive women’s sizing

This season Volcom re-looks at denim and focuses on re-purposing the past to create a future that addresses all-inclusive sizing for all body shapes with the introduction of plus sizes in select styles of women's jeans. No matter what size or different type of fit you're looking for, our Volcom For Every Body denim styles are sure to answer your search. Referencing offbeat details that are rooted in our history while introducing classic silhouettes merged with modern technical materials that have a foothold in the present, this curated collection is subverted with counterculture influences inspired by musicians, artists, and rebels alike. Our denim possesses a timeless relevance that can be worn by all of us - beach to city!

We want to introduce you to our muses who encompass all different walks of life, inspire us in their different shapes and sizes, and give off their unique personalities, who broke stereotypes and conventions on our road to bringing this collection to you.

Molly Constable

  • Model
  • “I find the body positivity movement very inspiring. I never really thought that I would be able to do what I do because of my size. But now we can do what we love at any size.”

Deap Vally

  • Musicians
  • “We definitely live in our jeans. I mean, it’s funny to talk about our denim as if you could remove denim from our lives because I don’t know what we would be wearing then. Underwear?”

Rachelle Vinberg

  • Skateboarder
  • “Empowering is being powerful and confident at the same time.”

Natalie Nootenboom

  • Model + Singer
  • “I love jeans that can match my style of art. I can wear them with whatever I want and they move with me. Instead of the jeans wearing me, I’m wearing the jeans.”

Georgia May Jagger

  • Model
  • “Denim definitely matters. Everyone has their own style of it. It’s something that everyone can agree on in their closet. It’s really versatile in that way.”

Tina Kunakey

  • Model
  • “When I wear my favorite pair of jeans, I feel cool.”

Cassie Amato

  • Model
  • “When I’m wearing jeans that I feel really comfortable in, I can pursue my passion of helping people best.”

Hailey Langland

  • Professional Snowboarder
  • “Denim matters because it’s timeless.”

Coco Ho

  • Professional Surfer
  • “Empowerment means a lot to me. It means being yourself, being authentic, being confident and strong in who you are.”

Bree Kish

  • Model
  • “I wear my jeans to feel confident. I know when I’m walking down the street I look good in my jeans, so that’s what I wear them for.”

Tamara Bell

  • Motorcyclist
  • “Denim is important to me. I wear it everyday. It needs to be sustainable, well fitting, well made.”

Elena Hight

  • Professional Snowboarder
  • “I love that there’s so much supporting going out right now to everyone to just really focus on loving their own body and to be comfortable in our own skin. We are all made so differently, but every body is beautiful.”

Georgia May Jagger
What does Volcom For Every Body mean to you?