Meet Volcom Women's Denim Designer, Abbe Allen

Meet Volcom Women's Denim Designer, Abbe Allen

Meet Abbe Allen, Volcom Women’s denim designer, and learn what inspired her when creating our first ever all-inclusive sizing collection: Volcom For Every Body

This season, Volcom relooks at denim in a fresh new way by focusing on repurposing the past to create the future. Referencing off-beat details that are rooted in our history while introducing classic silhouettes merged with modern technical materials that have a foothold in the present.

Our denim possesses a timeless relevance that can be worn from the beach to the city, and this curated collection, Volcom For Every Body, is subverted with counterculture influences inspired by musicians, artists and rebels alike.

Keep scrolling to meet Abbe Allen, Volcom Women's Denim Designer, and learn what inspired her to make this unique, all-inclusive denim and apparel collection for women.

Lindsey Troy, Georgia May Jagger, Tamara Bell, Bree Kish
What was the inspiration behind Volcom for Every Body?
Abbe: For me, I was inspired by all the proud women showing real images of themselves filter-free and feeling good in their own skin. I think the world is waking up and ready for true beauty. That doesn’t mean a tiny waistline and stick-thin limbs. It’s our unique qualities that make us different and interesting.
Rachelle Vinberg + Molly Constable wearing the Vol Stone Jeans
Tina Kunakey wearing the Super Stoned Skinny Jeans + Abbe Allen wearing the Vol Stone Jeans
Volcom, being the first brand, endemically, to feature all-inclusive sizing is pretty special. Tell us what it means to be a part of pioneering that in our industry.
Abbe: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I’m really proud to be working for a company that recognizes that. We want to make denim for all women and we saw that a huge segment of women were being ignored. At Volcom, we believe in women’s rights, we stand for equality, so all-inclusive sizing just makes sense for us as a brand.
Did you have any muses in mind you pictured wearing your designs?
Abbe: It’s so funny that I don’t have a certain blogger, model or actress in mind. I do envision her being an artist and musician though. Creatively, like a young Patty Smith. But, seriously, I want the girl walking down the street or headed to the beach to wear my designs, so I mostly think about her and her needs.

"I think the world is waking up and ready for true beauty." -Abbe

How important is it to offer all-inclusive, women's plus sizes?
Abbe: So damn important! To think we have to say “all inclusive” because that wasn’t just the norm baffles me. I’m super proud to be working on making everyone welcome and apart of the Volcom experience.
Tell us about Volcom jeans and what makes them different.
Abbe: A lot of companies make denim, but what makes our denim and products special is how we care about everyone from the factory workers sewing the denim to the girl buying our denim, and how it fits and makes her feel. We are apart of the Fair Labor Association as an accredited member. We take pride in making sure that every product we make improves people’s lives.
Deap Vally wearing the Liberator Leggings
What are we going to be seeing in the future and what are you most excited about?
Abbe: The next step we are working on is making more eco-friendly denim. We are working on using recycled polyester in our jeans made from plastic bottle waste and zero water washing and less chemicals in the process. We care how our clothing is being made and making an environmentally-friendly product. To me, this is crucial to the future of fashion.
Anything else you would like to say about the Volcom for Every Body campaign?
Abbe: I would like for anyone who purchases a pair of our jeans or clothing to post something about them. Tell us how they make you feel. What are your needs? What would you like to see in the future from Volcom?
From L to R: Jeffrey James, Bridget Malcom, Axel Cruysberghs, Tina Kunakey, Abbe Allen, Cassie Amato